Laser Engraving Machine (an Overview)

Laser Engraving MachineWhat are Laser Etching Machines Exactly?

Nowadays for cutting images or patterns into hard materials like glass, metal or wood the technique named Laser Etching is used. This is a fully computerized process. Whatever size, depth, pattern etc is desired is fed in the computer and the pattern is developed exactly as per the program fed into it.

The heat and intensity of the laser beam is adjusted according to the material which is being used. Laser etching enables high quality and precision of the work. Depending on the requirement any of the two types of lasers can be used. One is the hand held and the other one is machine operated.

Manufacturing units have these hand held laser etching machines that are used by engravers, production technicians or the artisans for getting the precision and perfection in designing and finishing the product. They are also used in correcting the errors in the finished product for quality purposes.

Machine operated etching machines are used in the units which deal in mass production of a specific production. You can see their usage in etching circuit boards, carving products made of hard plastic and engraving metal. Laser etching is not preferred for wood because at high temperature laser leaves burn marks on wood.

If you are selecting a laser etching machine then take care of the price at which you are buying it, it should have a warranty period suitable to the price you are paying and most importantly it should match your requirement. These machines draw a huge amount of power to generate sufficient heat.

This may cause burning of components of machine. So if the product is covered by warranty then you do not have to spend money on getting it repaired and hence help you in saving money for other purposes in your business.

You can buy an etching machine depending on your requirement. This means that there is no point in investing too much if your requirement is limited. If you see that you would need this machine too much then you can invest on a good quality machine with longer warranty period. You may get them from $7,800 to $25000(USD). But try and know more about the different models in the market so that you get what you want and do not regret after paying.

You can ask the staff who would use the machine about the features that they would want to be in the etching machine. They would have a better idea of the kind of interface required, other features necessary for your work and the features not of use to you according to the daily operations.

Try and focus on simple and easily programmable machines so that the staff does not find them difficult to handle and can use them efficiently for great results.


Major advantages of this machine are given below :

  • Image quality – This machine produces high quality images even if they are complex and takes care of all the minute details as well. It can work on very complex designs with high precision and you would be surprised to see the end result.
  • Cost – The laser etching costs you less than other forms of imaging because the machine is not that expensive. There are many varieties available in the market depending on your budget and requirement. There can be many features that are may not be of use to your work and many others that you need too often. So you can get one that matches exactly what you want. Thus you can pay for only what you want.
  • Speed – The process of laser etching is computerized and hence very fast and accurate. You can generate huge volumes in very less time. You do not need to create designs every time. Once you have designed a pattern then you can save it and then use it as many times as you want.
  • Easy to use – These machines are so simple that artisans and craftsmen can use them easily to create high precision designs. You can save the designs in computer and use them as and when you need in high volumes.

More information

If you want to add sophistication to a design then you can use laser engraving machine. This is known as 2D and 3D engraving and is used for creating accurate and clean designs. This uses laser for cutting and etching.

To start your search for a good quality laser machine you can try Epilog company website. The range starts from starter series and then you have a mass scale production line. One can go for starter series if the usage is limited or if the business is at the initial stages.

Starter series is equally high quality it is just different on the grounds of level and size of production that it can be used for. They are used for cutting wood or acrylic but can be used for cutting marble and glass as well. It can give you high level recreational output with all these materials. You can also use them for your personal uses like working on your accessories.

The second series is for higher quality results. But there is a range of materials for which it can be used. So before buying it you will have to research on this depending on your requirement. The last range, which is the fiber series, is capable of engraving almost all the materials.

This is suitable for companies or work needing production in high output. So you can see if you have very high output production requirement then this fiber series will be best for you.

These machines easily adapt to any computer that you have. It can be adjusted with your software that you are already using for designing like Corel Draw. It can adjust and is compatible with adobe which is commonly used. They are available with such software that anyone can easily install and use for getting high end result.